Air Max 90 Current

Nike is doing big things in Beijing for their Nike Sports Wear Convention including an exhibition for Nike's world of innovation where 100 different pieces of Nike history were highlighted, a look into Beijing's fledging art community, the unveiling of China's uniforms for the Olympics, and an in-depth foray into Nike Sportswear; which was all really cool but none of it compared to the sneakers they let us have a peak at from the Nike lab. Included in these sneaks were some Air Force 1s, dunk lows and His, Air Rejuven8s and my personal favorite; the Air Max 90.This is a look at the Air Max 90 Infrared Current. Hype had this to say; "Countless years ahead of its time, the Air Max 90 has some how managed to continue to stay relevant almost 20 years later. Although many have traded in the AM90 as their weekly pavement pounder for more updated and contemporary sneakers, the AM90 design is still very much a design accomplishment. While in Beijing, a Nike Sportswear footwear designer explained that although many people want the best performing product, why not update one of the most aesthetically pleasing sneaker designs of the last 20 years? Makes perfect sense to me and the updated AM90 Current doesn't veer too far off its original path while upholding improved performance. Mind you I can see just as many people snatching up the AM90 for casual purposes then performance use."

Personally, I noticed the obvious aesthetic changes the most. Nike incorporated free technology into this classic AM90 and added the Nike Free running sole. They also added some padding at the ankle and skived some edges. My biggest beef is that with the attempt at keeping the free running pristine, they left out what makes the infrared sneaker so eye-catching; the bold highlighting of the visible Air unit in the midsole. The panel around the unit is simply white and blends in with the rest of the midsole. I hated it when I first saw it; I thought they ruined the infrared color scheme but after some close inspection...the AM90C is definitely something to be looking out for later this year.


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