Armstrong's "Mellow Johnny's"

Retired Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, opened his first bike shop last weekend in Austin, Texas, but this isn't the big news; what got me hyped was that its not only a commuter bike shop, its a commuting center, training facility, and cafe all in a 1950s-era building at the northwest corner of Austin. Mellow Johnny's, named for the nickname Armstrong earned while wearing the Tour de France leader's "maillot jaune," or yellow jersey, will sell commuter bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, fixed-gear bikes (yesss), low-riders, cruiser-style bikes and even hand-made "art bikes" that look as good hanging on a wall as they do rolling down the street. Stock should also include gear by Giro, Nike and Oakley.

The boys from San Fran's MASH CREW made it down to Austin for the Store opening and even brought some gear for Lance to add to his fixed gear corner!Benny Gold, logo genius, came up with this design when he heard that the MASH boys were headed to Texas, cop this shirt and the MASH DVD at Mellow Johnny's NOW! From what I understand, the boys even got to hit the Texas streets with Lance, fixies and all. Gabe Morford from the crew said "It was the fastest any of us had seen mustache bars go."


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