The Boys in Blue, Green and Pink(erton) are back!

I can't tell you how excited I am for new Weezer. With their last two albums, for me at least, being a little more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’, I'm really stoked to give this one a try. Weezer can’t seem to find that easy medium that will please both the faithful veterans and the hit deciding media. ‘Make Believe’ was certainly a commercial success but got "mixed reviews" at best from true fans. The lead single “Beverly Hills” was easily their biggest hit since "Buddy Holly", which was nearly a decade ago, but most of the W faithful like to act as if it never happened...The album before it, Maladroit, was lukewarm at best and generated no hits but many of your pitchfork comrades would attest that no commercialism is better than a pop-anthem any day. You’d probably have to go all the way back to the Blue album for the last from Weezer that was an 'across-the-board' success. In my opinion, the zeitgeist is calling for some good old fashioned ‘rock =w= roll’.

"Pork and beans" is unquestionably ‘weezer’ beginning to end. Almost everything about this record screams "Pinkerton". Hype pointed out that "Cuomo sings off pitch, yet completely on melody" which is pretty much key to his classic sound. Say what you will, but this single has me super stoked for the next Weezer album, which, rumor has it, is already being colloquially referred to as “The Red Album.”

Weezer :: Pork and Beans


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