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To celebrate the end of finals and the end of responsibility for the next week or so, I created a muxtape account. The idea is simple: you create and upload a mix tape and through your browser allow people to listen to it at their leisure; no download necessary. I’ve decided to go true-school with my mix tape and not allow listeners to see the track title/artist; I mean if you think about, wasn't that the truly exciting part exchanging mix tapes with friends back in the day? Before we could skip tracks or just hit random there was an art to creating an actual mixed tape; the song order was just as important as the song choice. So I'm doing my part and I'm asking you to partake - this mix tape was intended to be heard beginning to end without any skipping a head or consciousness of the upcoming track(s), call me picky but it's a part of the total experience.

ELEMENT OF SURPRISE muxtape volume 1
If you want a track name or artist leave a comment...I might tell you.


Blogger Jessica said...

i always used to make a handwritten track list of what was on my mixtapes. was i doing it all wrong, all along?

11:10 PM  
Blogger frankie5.0 said...

Ha. Maybe the element of surprise was just something that my neighborhood did. If I made a mix tape for myself I would write down the track listing for convenience but if it was for someone else, you better believe that I wanted them to FREAK when they heard the opening notes to Paula Abdul's "straight up"...or something equally as awesome.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...


1:03 PM  

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