Shes baaack!

Tonight, after dinner, my wife finally gave me permission to post the songs she's been working on for the new album. Although she refused to take my advice against bleaching her hair blonde, I think our marriage is as strong as ever...ahem, Lily claims the new songs are no where near completion or album quality but she likes the direction they're headed.

Lily Allen :: I dont know

Lily Allen :: I could say

Regardless of quality, it's good to hear from Ms. Allen, especially so soon after the tragedy she suffered in late January regarding her then-expected first child.

Pictured above with a pair of Jordan Retro IVs, Allen has leaked her love of sneaker culture in several of her photo shoots and videos. On the cover of her debut album, Allen is spotted wearing a pair of mesh toe-cap Air Max 90s, and in her video for "Smile" she is sporting the lovely combination of a full length dress and my personal favorite air max, the infrared 90s. A photo was also taken of Allen at the XM satellite radio studios sporting a pair of CLEAN elephant print Jordan Retro IIIs. Yes, I am trying to justify this post on my blog to myself and to others.

Lily, I love you.


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