Whip of the Week :: Maybe

This will be the second installment of whip of the week, the "...of the week" part of the title merely being for the sake of alliteration, seeing as the last W.O.W took place almost four weeks ago.

This whip is built around an EAI Brassknuckle frame - this is the reason for my hesitance in making this the whip of the week. The Brassknuckle is known as the little brother to the EAI Bareknuckle frame (the last whip of the week). The major question is "What sets them apart?" Well, other than $310, the differences are decently subtle. The bareknuckle frame is a hand built chromoly frame from Italy, a good looking bareknuckle is easily better than porn; but with a $650 price tag, it'll run you more than a big city hooker. That brings us to the Brassknuckle, the geometry is a little different, the top tube slants down towards the lower seat tube, which tends to make it look more like a BMX freestyle bike. Where the Bareknuckle is hand crafted from Italian chromoly, the brassknuckle is made in Taiwan from aluminum. That’s not as big of a deal as it sounds, EAI will not distribute a bad frame. They are both track frames intended for a fixed gear but the Bareknuckle just looks more like a track frame! As for this specific bike, it’s got a fun array of parts including Velocity Aeroheads, Brooks saddle, Sugino crank and BB but I just can't get passed the frame; you see I'm in the market for a new frame and I just don't know if I should buy into the EAI little brother...


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