Always summer in the FLA.

I've been wanting to get out of this state for several reasons over several years; my list of reasons ranging from the way old people drive to my tendency to dislike citrus, but now there is a new reason. Today is April 19th, 2008, a day that usually falls into the early stages of "spring." In spring, its reasonable to say that it tends to be nice/cool during the day, chilly/cold at night and an occasional shower or two bi-weekly. Here in Florida, we are enjoying temperatures in the high 80s, at night mind you, and a week or two of heavy rainfall at a time. This normally wouldn’t get me too upset, I mean, I have managed to deal with it for 6 years now; but how am I supposed to enjoy any weather or this sort when ALIFE keeps dropping these damn crew neck joints
These were reasonable for Florida weather about 3 months ago, in what most called "winter," I called "hardly autumn."


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