"The Willy Wonka of t-shirts" JC LA!

Looks like my boy John Earle released the first video preview of his LA shoppe yesterday. I'm so stoked because I have watched this brand grown and remember when Johnny didn't even have an online store on his website. Earle, a good ol boy - New England straight edger, started selling his shirts at the merch stand from his old band, On Broken Wings. In the press release for this shoppe Earle calls himself the 'Willy Wonka of t-shirts' referring to the amount of detail that's going into this shoppe; the video tells us about a few of his tricks including steaming ovens and 1930s style refrigerators for displaying the t-shirts.

Keep an eye out for Earle and the Johnny Cupcakes brand; up and coming is an understatement!FYI - I might be traveling to LA this summer to hang out with my boys in Say It Twice and see them on the west coast wing of The Warped Tour; don't worry, I'll be sure to let you guys know about any goodies I pick up.


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