The Man Doesnt Sleep...

While on tour, doing the most physically demanding show he can, Kanye West is managing to rap on and produce track after track of straight fire; the newest being the remix to Wayne’s "Lollipop". The original was an extremely mediocre song from the "greatest rapper alive" and was by far the biggest let down of 07 from the much anticipated "Carter III". BUT here comes Kanye West to show Wayne how it was supposed to be done on the remix. Ye's verse on "Lollipop" is abstract, like most of his recent verses have been, but it works well for the Louis Vuitton Don. I'm definitely sick of hearing the auto-tune but it sounds better on Kanye than on Lil Wayne who flopped AGAIN on his second take at the sexy smooth instrumental. Ye’s next venture is probably the single I'm most excited about: The Everyone Nose remix featuring Child Rebel Soldier and Pusha T. Kanye's verse is even more abstract but quite clever; She stop drinking diet coke, she's on that coke diet. Alright, I'll admit it: I'm just stoked to hear ANYTHING from CRS. Lupe's verse is so smooth; he easily took the quote of the entire song, for me atleast, "She had her high heels, I had my high tops...". As for Pusha T...well...you can't win them all; I'm not sure how he got on this track, or how any of the CRS boys allowed him to end a line with "okie dokie". I was iffy about the beat but when it was in full effect it all worked out, I'm glad everyone kept with the general them of the song; a not-so-subtle ode to club girls who indulge in the white powder and emphatic bass and drum. The last song I got for you is "Put On", the single from Young Jeezy's newest album "I AM TRAP". I'm not a fan of Jeezy, I'm tired of his verses about making drug money and gun clapping so I apologize for the fact that you have to sit through three verses of it to get to Kanye’s verse at the end of the track, but trust me, its well worth it. Ye takes a darker route with this verse and goes very introverted. He talks about the hollow happiness of his money, losing his mother/fiancé, how the top really is lonely, and the allegations that he turned his back on his core fans. Although Yeezy goes the vocoder route on this track again, I dont think it sounds too cheesey; his lyrics are in-depth unlike most auto-tune rappers. Here are the tracks:

Lil wayne ft Kanye West :: Lollipop Remix

CRS ft Pusha T :: Everyone Nose Remix

Young Jeezy ft Kanye West :: Put On


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