I did It!!!

Ever since the fateful day I discovered streetwear, some odd years ago, I recognized Supreme as the Mecca of New York street wear which birthed the American street culture that kids are shoveling their money into today, myself included. Supreme, by far, offers the most limited gear in the game and partake in games such as offering previews for goods that never officially launch and hyping gear in the states that will only release in their japanese flagships. Supreme is known to keep all of their releases extremely low key and in extremely low quantities. Hype websites started blogging of the Supreme Fall/Winter preview a couple weeks ago with no set date of when the online shop will open; nothing but my own dedication to spend money on silly things has granted me the ability to say that I am a proud owner of a Supreme Work Plaid Camp Cap in the illest color offered this season; red/gray. As usual, everything in the Supreme Online shop, worth coping, sold out within 6 hours and I did miss the jump on the tshirt I had my eye on, but I'm used to the feeling.

Here's to my biggest hollow victory of the season!


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