The Minute I Forget My Man...

...Common comes back real big. and I mean REAL big. Last time it was "Driving Me Wild" featuring my wife and this time it's 'ANNOUNCEMENT' featuring Pharrell Williams.

Just two points I would like to make - One: Common is only second to Yeezy in having the finest video vixens and Two: After Bow Wow claimed to be "...the first to put ice in a g-shock" in his song Marco Polo, I'm glad that Pharrell is correcting the misconception...

Video direction by Julien Lutz, more commonly known as a Lil' X. This Hype-Williams-protege has got quite the videography, from Aaliyah to John Mayer, even Montell Jordan; I dont know how this guy has flown under my radar for so long.

video via highsnob


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