Seriously?? Lets be Serious Here...

It's no new news that Sen. John McCain has picked Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his VP for the 2008 election, it's no new news that he's trying to carry on the winning component of 'change' that Obama introduced, and it's no new news that this is a desperate attempt, a jump of the shark if you will, on McCain’s part to harness Barack's biggest shortcoming, P.U.M.A. (Party Unity My Ass), and take Hillary supporters nationwide by choosing a woman. Let me start by saying, as a Hillary supporter turned Obama, I'm offended that McCain’s administration thinks that by simply adding a vagina to the ballad that he can take the presidency; don’t bother taking into account that good old Hill-Rod is, in my opnion, far more liberal than Obama and the majority of her supporters are feminists who support pro-choice politics; essentially, the furthest thing from Palin possible. McCain's VP pick also strikes a chord with me on the subject of inexperience: every speech McCain gave on Obama when thery were both declaired hopefulls had something to do with inexperience - he's too young, too new, etc - Before Palin was McCain's VP pick, she was a mayor of a town of 6,900 people; I pass 6,900 people on my way to school in the morning! This qualifies you as a VP? Only 2 Years as Gov. of the second to lowest populated state in the country and Mayor of a town that hardly holds as many people as Staten Island!? One of the most unbelievable factors is that Sarah Palin is going to stand at that podium, as a female running mate of Sen. John McCain, and support a candidate who doesn’t believe in equal pay for equal work for women. Hang with me here...

I would never, under any circumstances, wish death upon anyone, but by supporting Sarah Palin, the republican party is saying that in the event of an untimely occurrence which results in the death of hypothetical president John McCain (seeing as he will be right at the life expectancy age for the United States during his term and has suffered from cancer twice in his life already) Sarah Palin would step up as president of the United States of America? This mother of five children, one of her children, due to a terrible syndrome, isn't expected to live passed Palin's first hypothetical term as VP and another daughter, 17 years old, soon to be a mother herself?; now I know Obama took the high road and said that family is off limits when it comes to politics but the questions still remains: Will Palin, as acting president of the United States, be able to answer the 3 AM phone call when she is an active mother of 6? The answer is no. All of this, along with the fact that she is currently under an ethics investigation by the Alaska state legislature, the details of which tend read like a trashy novel or episode of Maury; a long line of relatives and a lot corruption in the Alaskan system is why I am urging you america -

please think whislt at the polls in November.


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