A Gift From Santa Monica

I’ve written several entries about TOMS shoes on this blog and have followed the brand for a little over a year now; today I got a gift from TOMS in the mail; "For Tomorrow: The TOMS Shoes Story." The documentary captured the brand's very first shoe drop in Argentina in 2006 and was more than poignant. Blake Mycoskie and friends brought 10,000 pairs of shoes with them to Argentina and left with no footwear but so much more than anyone of the team members could have imagined.

I remember back packing through Central America, sitting three to a seat on a crowded, feeble, hand painted, school bus in Honduras and gazing out the window at the school children playing futbol barefoot in what could only be called 'a field' by a hair's breadth; all I wanted was to get off that bus and take off my shoes to play with them, on their level.

Caitlin, thank you so much for my copy of the TOMS story and doing everything you do for TOMS shoes.


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