Eric Koston, the Michael Jordan of skateboarding, recently had his first shoe, originally released with éS in 1997, re-released with his current and permanent sponsor Lakai. The Koston 1 got a bit of a revamp from the guys at Lakai and hit shelves and catalogs this weekend.Koston's personal sneaker collection ranges from éS, to Vans, Nike, Reebok, adidas, And1, ASICS, VisVims, Etnies, Converse, Bathing Ape, Prada...and the list just goes on and on so it's no surprise that the man designed a great sneaker which certainly warranted such a resurrection.

It didn't strike me until I was writing this entry but when I met Eric Koston a few months ago, I thought it was odd that he was sporting the ultra sleek Koston 1, even though he was sponsored by Lakai...obviously EK had some yet-to-be-released prototypes of the Koston Re-vamp. Check out Aaron, Aj, and Howard talking about the process of redefining this classic:


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