But don't call them that... they are the Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Raw Style! Unfortunately this isn't an avant-garde super group; but it is the world debut of Fonzworth Bentley who signed to West's record label 'Getting Out Our Dreams' music.

When asked about the single, Bentley had this to say :
"It’s bossanova, rich New Orleans jazz, there’s some ghetto ATL but like throwback ATL, not like what’s going on now as far as Atlanta music. There’s some rich classical sounds, I play the violin. There’s some of that flavor. I named the title that because every song is like its own color.”

The rest of the guys up on stage are Bentley's label mates who go by the name of Sa-Ra; a trip-hop group based in Los Angeles, California. You might recognize Taz Arnold on the keys from his "Obama Way" video in support of Senator Barack Obama.


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