He Say She Say

I heard this track and didn't think much of it, but as soon as it was over...I missed it; I honestly have not been able to forget this group. I don't want to give these kids the 'FrankieFiveOh New What Next' seal of approval because everytime I have given it in the past, a good artist has fallen off, but do yourself a favor and listen to these tracks from He Say She Say, the newest addition to the FNF team.MANO, an active member of Chicago's bicycle and moped crew 'the Murder Club', met DREA when she moved to the Chi to be a school teacher, he then changed her career choice after hearing a sample of her music. No date on any official release from HSSS; I'm telling you, these kids were just birthed. Check out the myspace:

He Say She Say :: Crash Dummie

He Say She Say :: Modesty Is Key


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