GITD Nooka!

Nooka is a watch company that I'm very proud to support. I bought my first Nooka Zub about a year and a half ago after accidentally stumbling upon the watch company's website while looking for a very special Casio G-shock. I immediately fell in love with the unique time piece and entire company. Even the name Nooka intrigued me; you see it's pronounced as the contraction for "New Yorker" with a native New York accent.
In honor of the Glow in the Dark Tour featuring Kanye West, N*E*R*D, Lupe Fiasco and Rihanna, watch brand Nooka made a very limited Zub watch in a special Glow in the Dark finish. 15 watches were produced for Kanye and company so don't expect to get your hands on this one.

Man, I really want a new Nooka...


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