Kolture Voltures!

These kids were a code that I couldn't crack. During some of Wolfgang's sneak previews and screenings of the Council of Doom DVD, there were several shots of some really young dudes rocking tracks in a real bad way. These kids were not only prepubescent; they were keeping up with the Doom guys with ease! Since then, the COD blog has spilled the beans on their adolescent top secret and is now flaunting it with a full length spot in the official RVCA sponsored Council Of Doom DVD.

During an extremely short, extremely chopped up, pseudo interview, the boys had this to say to me:

5.0 - You seriously killed it in that first trailer. how old are you guys??
KV - Thanks! We are 13 - 16 years old.

5.0 - The up and coming, eh? You guys from San Fran?
KV - We're straight from costa mesa CA.

5.0 - I read on the doom blog that you guys are going to be featured in the official council of doom dvd. Stoked?
KV - Yeah it's a great opportunity.

Yeah that's all I got; What of it? Peep trailers ONE and TWO and if you're lucky enough to be in the Costa Mesa area this summer, the premiere will now be all ages and held at RVCA on JULY 18th.


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