Alife Rivington Club x Saucony

Sorry guys: I know I post a new ALIFE collabo, what seems like, every week but I can't help it! My boys in the L.E.S. are doing it so big right now. Having taken the F from Manhattan to the lower east side for this particular alife on more than one occasion, I feel like it's my duty to let you guys know exactly how BIG Matt, Rob, and Arnaud are doing it.

With all of that being said; I present you with most recent collaboration from Alife: Rivington Club x Saucony Shadow 6000First introduced in 1985 by Saucony, the Shadow was easily forgotten and hardly relevant in modern sneaker culture. It isn't uncommon for a shoe as hype as this to fall by the wayside in sneaker culture; I remember when I bought my first pair of Air Max 1s, the shoe was unheard-of by sneaker heads in Tampa. I slept in and strolled into footlocker, no line, and I walked out with my 1s. I even picked up the other colorway in that pack the next day! Kids were stopping me on the street asking me when these joints dropped; I would cheekily reply "...1987" and stroll away, but I digress: the 6000 will be released in a 3 pack, red, blue, and green and are set to drop at the end of June. These guys really do keep up "alife style like no other." ...and hey! don't get your hopes too high but there was a decent price drop with the most recent callab between the ARC and Asics on the Gel Lyte III. Alife collabs will run you $200 at the very least but the Gel Lytes retailed for $150; maybe these Sauconys wont hurt the pocket as much as you anticipated. Stay tuned for dates and prices.


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