Whip of the Week: Swobo Folsom

This is the first bike that has got me this hyped in a long time. This one is from Swobo, an urban bike company. I'm not going sit here and lie to you guys - I hated Swobo when I first heard about them. They were the first company to try and market a "hip" complete fixed gear track bike: the sanchez comes with riser flat bars and a riser stem, high-flange hubs, velocity deep-V look-a-likes and galvanized finish; It rides like garbage but looks like a the hippest bike around. Companies like LRG and kidrobot, realizing the marketing power of these bikes, are buying and customizing the sanchez and putting it up in their store fronts; Someone should tell them that they can save $600 by hanging up a sign that says "hey hipsters, shop here...we're cool too."

But then I got off of my fixed-gear-high-horse, realized that my bike is garbage, and actually checked out the swobo website...

Which brings me to the Folsom. Swobo's main selling point for this bike is that it's the bridge between a fixie and freestyle bike. It's a single speed with a coaster brake which means you can coast &&& you dont have brake wires running along your frame; big plus for me. Stem and pedals are all bombproof and the Folsom sports exclusive Swobo fork, saddle, grips, seat collars and handlebar end caps.

Check out this dope skidding fish-tail on a Folsom via the coaster brake - here- and check out the entire whip here.


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