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Kimya Dawson will be in Ybor tomorrow night. I was originally alerted by a friend named Jessica, a pretty big fan from what I understand. I then got a call from a good friend in Gainesville telling me that she and her beau had an extra ticket. I was ecstatic. Soon after, I found out that a fellow employee at my place of work had to be out of town and I was to pick up all of his shifts, including a closing shift the night of the show. I was quite upset. Today I woke up to the good news that previously mentioned co worker was back in town…but would not be able to take his Saturday shift. A little finagling on my part has led to me working 9-6 on Saturday, hopefully giving me enough time to make it to the show. After this rollercoaster of emotions, I think that I might actually make it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See here or here

4:47 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

hey , did you make it to the show?
i saw her in orlando last night.
the show deffinately had a different feel than ones i had seen a few years back. i got the feeling she was overwhelmed a bit. but still loveable.

11:09 PM  
Blogger frankie5.0 said...

blogger stopped sending me e-mails when people leave comments!!

I doubt you'll even get this! yes I did make it and it was awesome, I def got the feeling of her being overwhelmed. Almost like she wasnt used to other people knowing the words to her songs ha.

11:06 AM  

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