The Mall

I've been spending a lot of time listening to mashups and house recently, but theres nothing like a good spazrock/posthardcore band to bring you back from the nonsense.

The Mall - Advantage out

The Mall is a little known band from San Francisco, California that wins the heart of every little hipster boy and girl that listens. San Fran is known for it's huge fixed/singlespeed cult followings and those kids just eating this band up. I originally found these guys in a preview for a fixed documentary entitled MASH (ill doc btw) and as soon as the music kicked in, I fell in love. The CB Radio-like vocals along with the haunting circus organ synth, reminiscent of TOOLS "Intermission," instantly veered my attention away from the trackstands and brakeless skids and directly towards the tune. Well, this isn’t pitch fork or gorillavsbear, so I'm done here. Check these boys out.


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