As I blogged about earlier, I got sucked into the kidrobot craze, so it was only a matter of time before Medicom got me too. I remember not but 2 months ago, sitting on ebay looking at the Original-Fake x Medicom toys selling for $500 and $600 and just wonder...why!?

It's funny how far we come in so little time. Let’s start from the beginning: KAWS started out as a graffiti artist from New Jersey, he painted billboards and bus stops like every other graff artist but he had something different. At a young age he found his niche and his icon. His talent grew so quickly that in a matter of 5 years he found himself sitting in the office of one of the biggest toy companies in Japan, medicom. His popularity grew even more until he was eventually doing collaborations with Nigo, The originator of A Bathing Ape, the clothing line that took Japan and is now taking the United States by storm. He did several collaborations with BAPE and has now started an empire of his own, Original Fake. With its flagship store in Minato-ku, Tokyo, kaws puts out original and collaborations that are all very very limited release. Lets go back to Medicom, the Japanese toy company, which much like Kidrobot, puts out very limited vinyl toys. Kaws releases even more extremely limited toys under his Original-Fake alias and if you ever find yourself in the presence of one, it would be in your greatest interest to grab and run. The 8" dolls average for a price of $400. Thus far in his career, kaws has released two 4ft companions. These companions sell for on average $1,400 and are made completely of vinyl. This could easily be called the king of toys and is a prized possession of any collector.


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