The video that kept me awake at night 11 years ago:

The live performance that keeps me awake a night currently:

The artists that make me question everything they do:

Their name came from a negative review in the "Melody Maker," when the publisher called a band that would soon become the group we know today "a bunch of daft punk." The band dismembered and the two best friends which started it all decided to experiment with drum machines and synthesizers. The rest is history. One thing that keeps Daft Punk so fresh is their fan base. You can look at a crowd and decipher the "The cure" kids, the "the smiths" kids and the "the hives" kids, but one can't pin point a Daft Punk fan. All walks of life can, will, and have "robot rocked" together. Not to mention, Their live performances are probably the best in their field. Daft Punk are known for their use of visual components to elaborate on what their musical components leave to the imagination. Located at the top of a pyramid during many of their performances, Daft Punk stand stern and emotionless, leaving the spectator to wonder if they're even real people. Pharrell Williams can attest that they are in fact real people, he was photographed on the runway of Paris' Fashion Week in 2007 with the dynamic house duo.


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See here

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And their uncanny ability to inspire awesome home videos!*

(I think the comment above is a virus by the way. Don't click on it.)

*wouldn't let me post video on the comment...I'll put it on mine's.

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