2.718281828459045235... VS 3.1415926535897932382...

While in Gainesville, I got the privilege to go bike shopping with a friend for her first bike in a very long time. I alwasy hear all of the bike veterans talk about how excited they are to get people out of their cars and on to bikes but now I fully understand. It felt really good to encourage foot power. She ended up with an 89' Schwinn Le Tour, for a very good price mind you. Sturdy frame and a surprisingly good wheel set for an 89, crank and cassette need some work, but over all a gorgeous bike. I thought about offering to clean it for her, getting almost twenty years worth of grease and grime off of that bike got me really excited but I just didn’t have the time. The bike shop we went ended up buying from was really interesting; It was "dino shirt day" so all of the "employees" were wearing hand made dinosaur shirts. I convinced my friend to buy cute red cork bar wraps to match her frame. The girl at the shop who wrapped the bars was really cute and spoke with her dog as if she was fully convinced he would speak back. She explained to me that if he could talk, he would be the wisest dog I could ever, hypothetically, meet. Said banter almost made me blush.


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