While flipping through the recent issue of Vapors, I couldn’t help but notice a very familiar logo on an unfamiliar product. It looks as though the Alife Rivington Club has decided to do “take two” with two great collaborations of yesteryear. You might remember the ALIFE x Penfield down jacket that was released right before winter 2007, well it looks like Alife and Penfield have hooked up again for the spring, this time releasing a windbreaker, equipped with the same ARC diamond logo stamped right in the center of the chic zip up windbreaker. Furthermore, still available at the ARC, ALIFE did their first collaboration with Asics with the "Godzilla"/"Black Lagoon" sneaker, well it looks as though the Rivington club will be hogging this collaboration, rather than sending it to their Vancouver and La stores, this sneaker features a tag with the tradition ALIFE colors which reads "Rivington Club" on the back panel of the sneaker.

I'm taken a back by the fact that this windbreaker and sneaker set isnt being blogged about on any other website. Go ahead, look for it...


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