My Fix.

I have found something in riding that I've seen other people have with many things, but could never experience. An aspiration to love/hate. Skateboarding never did it to me, although I watched some of my best friends get consumed. Growing up, I watched my brother scream and holler hour after hour trying to stick tricks on his board. He hated that board and everything that had to do with it but couldn’t stop jumping on. Swollen ankles, busted shins, shattered wrists and bruised palms couldn’t stop him from chasing that 7 ply. I, on the other hand, would call it quits at the first sign of a sweat droplet forming on my forehead. Currently, I have the outlines of my wellgo pedals carved in my legs along with two swollen, bloody, ankles and the teeth of my 40 tooth chain ring outlined in my calf. This isn't about blood or battle scars, it’s about loving something that hurts you so bad, the desire to gain experience at any cost. Every time I take a step or stand after sitting, it's a reminder that my bike is at home and I haven’t hit that track stand yet.


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