SUPREME summer/spring 08

Supreme just released a preview for their summer/spring line and it's easily their best line in years. Supreme, the godfather of street wear, has been around since I was a wee toddler in 94 and helped originate the street wear game. They've really stepped their game up by remixing old styles (peep the plaid and striped camp hat) and originating new ones (bomber shorts are so hot right now). My personal favorite has to be the SUPREME x TERRY RICHARDSON x KERMIT THE FROG collabo. A couple weeks ago, wheat pasted posters of Kermit wearing a supreme shirt started popping up all over NYC, no one knew if they were actually from supreme or a kid with Photoshop and too much time on his hand or what. Later that week supreme released the details of their collaboration, the photographer being none other than the reinvented Terry Richardson. The street wear game has been loving this guy since his spread in Juxtapoz and appearance in the Belvedere Vodka ad. Either way, the collabo is going to be ill.

Check out the preview here.


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