Robles' Custom Munny

Along with all of the mass produced Kidrobot-chosen Munnys and Dunnys you can buy at retailers, they also produce DIY Munnys and Dunnys [often just blank black or off-white and include 5 mystery accessories] When people post their custom Munnys, you find runny sharpie ink, splotchy acrylic paint, and armature "squiggle" versions of generic cartoonie features. Johnny Robles is the exception to the rule.This almost inspired me to buy a DIY Munny but I know that what ever I have in store for it will end up looking a lot like the previously mentioned amateur generic cartoonie mess. A part of me wants to buy one and add a mustache and let it be. Robles first found out about the kidrobot trade-craze when he caught wind of an art show entitled "For the love of Munny" where contestants enter their custom munnys and have a swap-party afterwards. When asked about his Munny, Rubble commented: "It will look like a plain Munny being painted pink, and somebody's taking a plunger and just ... plunging it up like bubblegum or something..." Well John, it looks better than it sounds.

Robles is selling his creations for about $350 each.


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