Sorry dudes - actual life's been getting a little hectic and I haven’t had much time to post; today marks 10 days since my last post and although that's pretty bad for a blog, it's pretty good for a real boy because I’ve been out living life and not typing about it; I suggest a blogcation to all of you.

Although I haven’t been posting, here's some stuff that's been catching my eye:

Mishka has been setting it OFF with Ellen Stagg. First was the 08 Look Book, then they released the 09 Calendar, now the window treatments for the Williamsburg shop. This is ridiculous.If, for some odd reason, you haven’t peeped the specifics of the calendar, Prolly's got the news(NSFW) and you can pick up the calendar and an Ellen Stagg mishka T on the website for $50. It's a shame I have morals because that T is bananas; I've had my eye on Ms. January since the 08 look book.

Ok, Enough chauvinistic blogging, this one’s for the ladies:

Earlier last month, I posted about an interview Kaws did, hosted by SaKiya Sandifer in which I said it was the worst interview I had ever seen - well it's been topped. Nike Sportswear started something called Limited Edition TV to plug collabos they do with other, smaller, steetwear companies to shine the spotlight on the featured item and featured brand, you probably caught the spot they did with DQM when that dunk dropped; well now its Leah from Married to the Mob's turn to go under the terribly awkward spotlight; at least Daichi got the right topic of questions this time:

Lastly:Ed Templeton posted some shots from a security cam in his gallery showing on his blog; Really rad shots of what looks to be a really rad show. I'm so glad Ed's still rocking strong and still kicking it with Deanna (17 years strong!) Check the photos here and check out this super ill interview he did with Supertouch Art here.

That's pretty much it for now: For those of you that are concerned about my person life, I'll have you know that my long awaited charcoal stead finally arrived from Miami, but wasn't in mint condition. I opened the crinkled box only to find a scuffed crank arm and that she had a dent the size of a penny on her down tube and the paint/clear coat had gone to hell. The entire process was quite infuriating, and no, the photo does not do the maimed down tube justice; needless to say, it is on its way back to the MIA and I should be receiving another "soon". I'll start posting regularly soon as well, I promise.


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