Cadence Cares!

I just received my care package from Dustin Klein and Cadence Clothing and I couldn't be more floored! Cadence is a perfect example of what all independent brands, street wear included, should be striving for. Dustin is doing everything he can to lessen his impact on the world by producing quality hand made products from organic and recycled materials; not to mention everything in the collection is straight dope. All production is done by Dustin himself and he does a damn good job of keeping deadlines and shipping on time.The package from Cadence arrived at my house while I was at work, and I almost left 'sick' to get home to it. In the box, I received the Cadence Day Pack; waxed canvas upper, incredibly durable and weighs nil to nothing, not to mention it's completely water proof! The bag's lower is made of grey ballistic nylon which keeps with the overall light and durable feel; it’ll last a million years and not weigh you down when wrenching the bicycle. Later, while on the phone trying to wheel a deal (pun intended) on some deep Vs, I nonchalantly opened the pockets of my new bag and found some great surprises! Dustin filled the pockets with all kinds of goodies; the newly restocked black leather doublizers 2.0s, the new for '08 Fall/Winter Grey hat, a few Cadence holdens, a macaframa spoke card, and enough stickers to cover all of Tampa's track bikes!Thanks again Dustin! It's all going to good use! Check out a couple different photos on my photostream and check out the entire Cadence Collection here.


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