Really SaKiya??

Kanye West posted this interview of Kaws done by co-author of Kanye's first book, Thank You and You're Welcome, J. SaKiya Sandifer and I must say; this is the worst interview I have ever seen. Maybe it's the journalism snob in me but everything from the shoty camera work [use a freaking tripod man! and since it looks like you just used a handicam anyway, would it kill you to bring more than one??] to the closed-ended generic questions, to the ill-structured interview format. Based on journalistic record, this guy couldn't get a five second interview with ME much less Kaws. If Ye didn’t get this guy into Kaws' studio, I have no idea how he got there. From what I can tell, SaKiya's corporate brand identities, print ads, speech writing and even mass publishings are all above par; maybe he was just having an off day...

All I know is that this interview hurts a little to watch.


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