Critical Masshole.

This video was taken at a Ciritcal Mass in NYC. Check out information from NY1, 1010, and Fox NY5. While the city is trying to "...look into this very quickly and very thoroughly and assure bicycle riders that they will be safe on New York City streets"; it looks as though all this has done is given New York City's Finest something else to occupy their time with while people are getting mugged and killed in this city; it looks like NYC's tax payers dollars are now going towards spying on bike riders:"Undercover police in this picture... Look closely. Two men in plain clothes right? Both have the same bike with the same chain lock wrapped around their seat posts, talking to a guy without a bike. Notice the man texting with his palm pilot. Ok, so this may seem a bit paranoid, but those bikes are the same issue as Police bikes that the NYPD rides and they were talking to their supervisor. These pics along with the information came from a CM rider who overheard the pigs discussing strategery"

text via john prolly.


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I. Hate. Critical. Mass.

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