KAWS x CINELLI...finally!

A photo has finally surfaced of Kaws' contribution to the bike themed art show, "PRESSURE" presented by RVCA and CINELLI. I don't know about you guys, but I got pretty sick of seeing that same flyer on everyone and their mother's blog; no one was showing any pieces! When I saw the flyer on Kaws' I was pretty surprised and he didn't let me down.Looks like KAWS took a SUPERCORSA PISTA Frame and stretched some canvas from the top tube to the down tube, around the head tube and seat tube. I was really impressed by the way he took the classic Cinelli logo and incorporated not one, but two of his iconic stylizations: the X eyes and chompers grill.

A job well done.

Remember the RVCA x Cinella x Barry McGee I told you guys about back in April? That was also finally released in the Pressure show.


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