A few brand tradeshows have recently passed and although I'm not all about the documentation of all of the new product and sneak peeks from every booth, I found a few things note worthy via the blogosphere (yeah, I said it)

First, Maestro Knows is back with season 2 while giving us a semi-guided tour to the Bread and Butter show in Berlin which took place at the beginning of this month; great little video

And here's a closer look at the Bread & Butter "Salmon & Butter" Asics GT II given away in the BBBerlin care package:
The shoe was limited to 300 pairs, 200 of which were given at the show with the remaining 100 made available to the public; personally not in love with the shoe but that color is right.

Now, with the Agenda Tradeshow coming to an end yesterday in California, the bulk of the photos are beginning to surface; there's no doubt that some really great product is on its way but the only thing I really I wanted to know more about was Freshjive's Spring ‘10 line; orly?

This graphic can be found on the pictured flat bill and a matching tee; Freshjive fired some shits at a heavy hitter with this one but I wouldn't expect a rebuttal. All of this after Rick Klotz of Freshjive shines light on his problems with the business of branding and decides to drop all logos from his 2010 line...all logos he designed, I guess.


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