Ace Hotel x Generic Surplus x Arkitip

It's been a long while since a good, heavy hitting, collabo came around, right? Maybe not, but I've been waiting on this one for a while. I saw a picture of this shoe a few months back but specific info was no where to be found; I couldn't even find a brand involved with the project. Some details finally spilled at the reed.Ace, Generic Surplus, and Arkitip came together a few months back and decided that they wanted to capture "the essence of Palm Springs and the eclectic style of the [Ace] hotel grounds." Mission accomplished. Every aspect of this shoe was really well excecuted.A seriously perfect summer shoe; breathable, quick drying, cotton mesh upper and non-slip sole. That rubber toe cap placed ontop of the mesh cotton seriously makes it for me. Oh my, did I forget to mention the must-have matching tote? Killer.


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