DIY Powerstraps!

Finally grew tired of my clip/straps/doublizer set up and decided to take the Tom Mosher/Superted approach with some powerstraps.The Wellgo 888s plainly weren't cutting it anymore so a few weeks back I picked up some Mosh halfstep platforms from my local shop and immediately fell in love with them: the sheer width and the extra pins make them so grippy. It took some muscling behind the counter but we finally got my clips and straps going on the new pedal; a pedal that was obviously never meant to house such a cage. After about 3 weeks of riding my bootleg setup I grew frustrated with it; they fit fine but they just felt sloppy if that makes any sense, not to mention the sound of a metal clip scraping the ground when your pedals are flipped over for tricking might be the worst sound known to man. In an attempt to never hear that sound again, I made some powerstraps; big thanks to Sam over at edinburgh fixed for the step by step.They turned out well: fit snug on both pairs of my biking shoes, toe-overlap is nonexistent, the skateboard hardware holding the straps in place feel tight and secure; no downsides yet but I haven't really gotten a chance to mash hard on them. As most DIY projects do, I'm sure a problem will arise sooner or later but for now -- "I know they’re not to everyone’s taste but I like em!"


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