Jovontae Turner Decks!

Jovontae Turner, former professional skater for GIRL skateboards and current MASH SF rider, released some skate decks a while back and they are insaneAlthough I would be hesitant to put one up on my wall, I have to respect the man. No brand has been connected to these decks and although DGK is rumored to have made them, I highly doubt that Stevie Williams and the Kayo Corp have the balls.

[edit]Decks via World Industries?[/edit]

Thanks to Zach over at the zlog blog for full story.


Blogger Zattack said...

These are actually really old. And I think World Industries put them out.

12:04 AM  
Blogger frankie5.0 said...

whoa thanks man! changes have been made but I really dont think those are World decks...

2:23 AM  
Blogger Zattack said...

Yea I'm not quite positive, but my buddy used to have 3/4 of them and that's what he thought they were.

ps: thanks for the shout-out.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Savagist said...

i had the deck on the far right. pretty sure it was a world deck but its hard to remember now.

1:20 PM  
Blogger scott said...

I managed a skateshop for some time in the early 90's and around 94 the "In the Dark" (?) Jovontae came out. We had to send it back to the supplier cos of a cease and desist order. Man... Be priceless now.

12:02 PM  

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