Mi Gente!

Although information is limited, it looks like Aceite Cristal and their parent company, MercaSID, are sponsoring a major photo exhibition highlighting the lives and achievements of Dominican women across the diaspora. All 125 poster-sized photos in the exhibit are the work of photographer Nicole Sánchez in collaboration with Giovanna Bonnelly. The exhibit will be showing in New York City starting on the 19th and "intends to bridge women's struggles between those who remained on the island and also those who migrated, abroad."

When Dr. Ramona Hernández, Director of the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute was asked about the exhibit, he had this to say:
“This stunning and provocative photo display not only celebrates the strength, fortitude and beauty of women in general, but also recognizes the strong cultural ties that bind Dominicans abroad and Dominicans in the country of origin,”

“Mujer Dominicana En NY”
August 19th - September 30th
New York City at CUNY’s Washington Heights Campus
Amsterdam Plaza on Amsterdam Ave, between West 138th & West 136th Streets


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