I was fairly certain that if I had to keep this under wraps any longer my face was simply going to turn to dust. It is my pleasure to post, after much deliberation and consideration, that the kind folks at Give&Take are proud to present an HD premier and DVD release of Macaframa to the Tampa Bay area. That's right kids, premier and DVD release - you too can have your own copy of the most anticipated track film of the millennium as a part of a limited edition two disk set with booklet. yes, booklet.

Official release:

Give & Take, Inc. Tampa's cycling and apparel boutique is bringing an HD premier and DVD release of Macaframa to the Tampa Bay area. This high-definition film, directed by Colin Arlen and Colby Elrick, features in-depth view of track bike culture on the streets of San Francisco, CA. This DVD release premier is made possible with the effort of Give & Take and its owners, as well as several sponsors including Cadence Apparel, Profile Racing, R.E.Load bags, American Classic, and Hufnagel Cycles.

The premier is being held at Give & Take's street-level retail store on Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 8:30PM and is being shown with no admission fee. After premier festivities are taking place at Czar Vodka Bar in Ybor, with drink specials and continued screening of the film throughout the night.

So come break bread, have a vitamin water, support local business, and buy a film...I mean...film. If you need your fix, g&t is offering a preorder on the 2-Disc DVD Set on their website which will ship out the same day as the premier, May 15th. Looking forward to seeing you guys there.


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