I walked into this shop a few weeks ago not knowing if it would all disappear as I reached for the door handle like an oasis in a desert; Give&Take is Tampa's first apparel and track cycling boutique. The shop not only offers a full range of new and vintage track components, full-service bicycle repair and tuning but also graces Tampa with fashion brands that most would never even fathom. I know, it puts you off at first --The shop is run and owned by a couple by the names of Jordan and Melissa and once you meet them you wonder how they managed to keep themselves under wraps for so long. Jordan has been riding his current custom Chamberlain Pursuit set up for 10+ years and is the kind of guy who has his hands in 150 things all at once, none of which can be discussed quite just yet; parts of G&T read more like cycling museum than a boutique and Jordan is the reason for that.While Jordan has the track side of the boutique locked down, his other half, Melissa has managed to pull some of the most influential and sought-after names in design. Just walking into the shop you'll notice the list of clientele that will wow - Ksubi++, Perks and Mini, Lonely Hearts Club, Alice McCall, retro SUPER future - the list goes on and on. G&T has a full line from Dustin at Candence and Ellie at R.E.Load and is possibly the only place left in the world that has the Jeremy Loves Ksubi Guitar Print skinny jean in stock.But don't be fooled by these gender rolls people! Melissa holds her own when it comes to track cycling, even when being quizzed by siblings with too many questions, her bike (seen above) is certainly one of the most dialed in Bareknuckles I've ever seen, not to mention the array of components that you might never get to lay ones on again - ergo look stem, Lady Turbo saddle (yes, Lady Turbo...) etc. Jordan knows more than his share of what's going on in the fashion world; a talk about our last shopping trips in NY over a few tacos in Ybor during a ride last month revealed that to me.I can type and type and tell you more and more about this shop but maybe you should save me the trouble and just stop by, eh? Give&Take is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm-7pm. More pictures from my shoot at the shop here!, and expect to hear these names very soon in reference to the Tampa fixed gear scene. Oh, and don't forget to say hey to Lafawnda when you walk in...


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