Oops - MASH x SAG

Looks like Chari&Co. pissed Garrett and the boys off because after taking all kinds of pre-order money, Chari&Co. customers should be expecting a full refund on their bag purchase. Specifics are hazy, as they will remain, but it seems like Chari tried to up the price on the bag and in return MASH pulled the product from the shop and is making it available via their online store for the correct price."We have been working on a backpack with SAG for 19 months now. The bag is to release in a month or so now. The MASH store will be the ONLY place you will be able to get this bag in the US. We wanted it to be affordable (220$) not 260$ that chari has put pre-orders on their site. The only way to do this was to offer it directly from us for the american market. Not to worry. chari will not be carrying this piece, so prepare for a refund, and to save an additional 40$. Stay tuned."



Blogger Julius said...

That was pretty dope of them.

10:29 AM  
Blogger frankie5.0 said...

I thought so.

Kinda put Chari&Co. out there though.

2:07 PM  

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