The Johnson!

The Hundreds has single handedly revolutionized west coast street wear and simply raised the bar of what's expected of boutique level street wear over there; in my eyes, The Hundreds has done for LA what A Bathing Ape did for Tokyo - they didn’t get put on the map, they drafted the map and paved the way for brands like Crooks and Castles and Johnny Cupcakes to do things like open shops on Melrose - but I digress...

The point of all of that is that TH has officially launched their campaign to OWN the footwear industry; the first soldier on the front lines is the Johnson.No release from Bobby Hundreds on TH blog yet (these photos via highsnob) but the full line of Hundreds footwear should be releasing later this year. If you don't already, you really should check out the hundreds blog from time to time, Bobby's got quite the blogrrative writing style; funny guy.


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