BG x Cadence x W-Base x Alive!!

I stumbled upon this on the Benny Gold blog and flipped! It looks like there is a huge cycling-inspired collaboration between Benny himself, Cadence, and W-Base with Alive Watches to create a series that represents all of their respective cities! Benny had this to say:

"Last November I traveled to Japan with Mash to premier the video. While I was there Dustin from Cadence, Yohei from W-Base and I met with Alive Watches to discuss a watch series based on cycling. The concept behind the collaboration is to pay homage to San Rensho (which translates to 3 time champion) and the 3 cities that we are from (San Francisco, Seattle and Tokyo). "

The above picture is a sneak preview of Benny Gold's watch which features the classic BG SanFran logos all over it. My favorite part of this watch is the paper plane second hand and stitching in the band (not pictured). I'm especially excited to see Cadence's watch in the series; I love everything that kid does:

Speaking of Cadence:
Dustin put this deck for sale a while back for his ROOTS SS-08 line but I never really got around to posting about it. This deck is quite clean. I love the classic Cadence logo in black and white. It comes in a 7.625", 7.75", and 8". Perfect for the wall, street, or bowl.--
Proud Owner
Easton at W-Base
Benny Gold Summer 08!


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