Easton at W-Base!

W-Base Bicycle Garage is now carrying Easton products. Working day-to-day in a sporting goods store, Easton is a name that I hear at least 140 times a day, everyday; Maybe that's why I'm so compelled to share these bike parts! For now, W-Base is now fully stocked with Easton bars and Stems.W-base has EA30s, EA50s, and several Monkey Bars in stock and all of these vary from a 1" to a 3" rise but what's really got me stoked is the Easton Vice Stem:This guy comes in a 275 gram(25.4 mm) and a 290 gram(31.8 mm) and has a +10° rise. The Vice is quite short but comes in 50, 65, and 80 mm length. Small but mighty; I need to get my bars through one of these joints.


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