Nike lab - Bad Look!

Nike is releasing details of their new Nike Lab; designed to reinvent, recreate, invent, and create styles new and old for the brand's apparel lines that make it a little more street worthy. Clearly aiming their sights on the millions of dollars being made in the high end street wear game, as if their vice on the sneaker game wasn't enough. Well, while divulging some of the secrets to their Nike Tech Pack, rather than having all of the clothes on racks and shelves and telling about the materials and styles, they slapped the threads on some ultra chic hipsters and took some photos of them on fixies and skateboards and in boutiques and what not. One of said hipsters is Vashtie Kola, a friend of a friend of mine and a small time director and artist. You may know her from her direction and production of the noncommissioned video for "Us Placers" ((Photo shoot by Kreg Holt) the only single to come out of the hip-hop super trio Child Rebel Soldier. ) As well as a photo shoot, Vashtie has a video interview that can also be found on the site. Well here's where it gets nasty, as well as trying to display their new tech pack sport hoodie, they decided to note the rest of Ms. Kola’s clothes. First of all, it's a bad look to just write off the jeans as "Vashtie's" is it that hard to just write down the name of the designer? And second, her kicks are labeled as "Nike Jordan Spizikes." Now, this is obviously a mistake because anyone who knows sneaker culture can recognize an original release elephant skin Jordan retro III, mistakes happen...BUT THIS IS NIKE PEOPLE! This isn't some new hipster magazine fresh out on the scene; this is the official NIKE website...NIKE.COM!!! Oh you can be sure an e-mail will be written and HEADS WILL ROLL. Not really, but seriously...step your game up Nike...recognize your own shoe.
P.S. Can I get a tech pack gore-tex wind runner? Thanks.


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