A Supreme Site Crash.

Supreme released their Spring 2009 Collection online yesterday, but apparently the traffic was so heavy that Supreme’s site crashed. I personally was on the website at 11:00am and couldn't get to the 'online shop' until 11:45; traffic was so serious. By the time I looked at two hats and found the item from Spring line I wanted, it was 12:10; thats right - to look at three pages took an hour and a half. Once I was ready to check out, the 'add to cart' buttons weren't working and after seeing the re-sale prices for my items on ebay, this wasn't a battle I was willing to lose. I finally got the item in my cart...where I was subsequently asked for user name and password as the server had been changed to 'site admin-only'. After trying to get around the java for a little bit I was ultimately greeted with the apology screen of death - the final nail in the overpriced, limited edition, 1 of 400, coffin. Note that the page made sure to clarify that if your order had been received, you were golden, unfortunately, if your order was in the process of being received, in the shopping cart even, you are all set to spend all of spring in the firey depths of consumer-set resale shopping. So here I sit, subdued by what I love, typing this post only in hopes that Supreme patrons worldwide can't read and won't be on the site today, Friday the 13th 2009 for the re-launch.

Oh, and I would like to take this opportunity to officially apologize to those of you following me on twitter, for my tweak-out between the '23 hours ago' and '21 hours ago'. It was uncalled for and for that I am sorry.


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