Just a Logo?

In the street wear game, a logo can say everything. Kids will shell out a insane amounts of money for nothing more than a monogram or stitched design on a generic plain T or button up; needless to say, logos are really important in our day to day lives. We identify with embodiments, ideas, ideals, etc. all based on icons. The redundancy of these icons in our daily lives gives them significants weather we choose to accept them or not. Remember in 2004 when Apple essentially rehashed their entire company with the success of one product? Now that apple with the bite taken out of it is almost a status symbol. The idea that a brand, or company, or even an individual, can encompass their entire being into one single icon is mind-blowing. Daily, I see an icon that says more than any amount of words ever could; no mention of a name, or anything about the man’s ideals, just the image and it is possibly the most powerful image of our generation. This is how it was made.


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